Wie ist Allison Payne gestorben?

Die ehemalige WGN-Moderatorin Allison Payne ist im Alter von 57 Jahren gestorben, wie der Sender am 10. September bestätigte. Payne stammt aus Detroit und verbrachte 21 Jahre bei WGN-TV, wo sie zahlreiche Shows moderierte, darunter die Nachrichtensendung zur besten Sendezeit um 21 Uhr. Als der Kanal ihren Tod bestätigte, begannen in den sozialen Medien Tribute für die berühmte Journalistin und viele zu strömen, die erzählten, wie ihre Berichterstattung ihr Leben beeinflusste.

How did Allison Payne die?

At the time of reporting, an exact cause for Payne’s death has not been revealed as Richards noted. In its statement, WGN too alluded to her health issues but did not say what exactly caused Payne’s death. In January and August 2008,

Payne went on medical leave after suffering a series of mini-strokes. That led to her announcing an indefinite leave of absence in November 2008 and admitted in January 2009 that she was being treated for depression. “It was brutal getting out of the house, I couldn’t get out of bed,” she said in an interview.

Payne did make a return in 2009 but went off-air in January 2011.

She confirmed a few weeks later that it was because “I’m having trouble with my vocal cords.

” A series of unprofessional on-air appearances, including slurring of words, glassy-eyed gazes, and sobbing led to massive criticisms, forced the channel to demote her from the 5:30 pm and 9:00 pm newscast.

Payne never revealed the details of what was ailing her, but after several attempts to get back, decided to end her career in September 2011.

“After a series of unfortunate health events, Payne and WGN parted ways in September 2011 as she returned to her hometown of Detroit,” WGN said in its statement.

It’s unclear how Payne’s health was in the decade since. She did start her own production company in late 2011 but largely disappeared from public life. After her exit in September 2011, Payne is now back in the news over her death.

She was living in her hometown of Detroit when she passed away, but beyond that, we have no information.

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