Unboxing The “New” Samsung Galaxy Fold

It is a Korean origin is also a 512gb version of the device so relatively high-end version of the device it is a high-end device as well the retail price as you know originally slated for 1980s diesel around $2,000 it’s no surprise it’s a very ambitious device for Samsung as well NC

Our people were waiting on this device impatiently I received comment personally when is the Galaxy fold going to come out I need a couple of update videos

Tell this one is the black color shiny glossy black they had more colors plans for the original launch but decided to scale it back for this new launch now available in black and silver is that correct comes in Cosmos black space silver Cosmos black is the official name

Obviously wireless charging capable and with this device capable of charging from the device directly through reverse wireless charging fast charger in the Box USB

Which aims to cover up the Gap that existed on the previous version so the aim of this t-shaped component is to sort of pain down and I’ll show you your lesson the overall gas available for those particle the other issue that plagued the original device was in relationship to this screen material the user-facing surface of the screen of the way these old as operate in order to be flexible is it there a little bit softer and what you get out of glasses

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is back on the market


the new Samsung Galaxy Fold. Fold is the first folding smartphone I’ve ever tried.

The Galaxy Fold is the most futuristic smartphone

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