Tyrone 2-14 Mayo 0-15 Clinical Red Hands shake off Mayo as Ireland’s

Tyrone beat Mayo to win All-Ireland final at Croke Park

Tyrone 2-14 Mayo 0-15: Clinical Red Hands

Tyrone earned his fourth All-Ireland football title, with two goals from Cathal McShane and

Darren McCurry making Mayu wait for Sam Maguire for 70 years. Ryan O’Donoghue’s

penalty miss after the first half was just one of four Mayo’s missed chances. This came after

the red hands advanced 0-10 against 0-8 in the first half. In contrast, Tyrone took his

chances clinically as McShane fired a long shot before Conor McKenna netted Darren

McCurry into the net. Substitute McShane’s goal came moments after he was served, and

not long after O’Donoghue’s missed penalty – which followed Tommy Conroy another superb

three-pointer opportunity.


By the end, Mayo panic had long set in as poor decision-making and naive tactics only

added to their misery of suffering an 11th All-Ireland defeat since their last triumph in 1951.

But for Tyrone there was only joy as their 2-14 to 0-15 triumph earned the county a first All-

Ireland title since 2008 as joint-managers Feargal Logan and Brian Dooher guided them to

the title in their first year in charge – matching Mickey Harte’s 2003 feat.


It’s an extraordinary triumph for a Red Hand squad laid low by a Covid-19 outbreak little

more than a month ago which at one stage threatened their very participation in the All-

Ireland semi-final against Kerry.



But red hands regrouped from that to stun the kingdom, and Saturday’s winner’s style was

no different from the semi-finals as May quickly came to a standstill after a promising start.

Tyrone’s spin became the main feature of the competition as they broke the pace best

exemplified by McCurry’s eventual game-clinching goal in the 58th minute after bringing

Kuhn Kilpatrick’s soaring midfield to McKenna on a defender who provided a perfect pass

without a look. For the front corner to the palm of the net.


Tyrone beat Mayo to win All-Ireland final at Croke Park

The Red Hands held their nerve with an impressive performance in the All-Ireland final on Saturday

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Tactically, the match represented yet another victory for Tyrone management as their

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decision to pull influencer Mattie Donnelly and put in the 44th minute McShane was justified

within moments as the substitute cleverly turned Padraig Hampsey’s high ball past the

stranded Rob Henley

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