Generic PuBg Mobile Controller

المواصفات الأساسية
  • ‎-Stretchable grip‎,‎ the stretchable length is from 128mm/5‎?‎ to 180mm/7.1‎?‎‎.‎
  • Built‎-In bracket‎,‎ just put it on the table‎,‎ super convenient play‎.‎
  • Battery‎-free‎,‎ easy use‎,‎ stretch and grip‎,‎ stick the joy stick onto the screen and free to go‎!‎
  • For 4.7‎?‎‎-6.4‎?‎ phones

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  • سوق جوميا
  • 150 جنيه
  • الشاقل الإسرائيلي