Every officer in Missouri city police department resigns

Every officer in Missouri city police department resigns


A small Missouri town has lost its chief of police and all the officers in the department after

they suddenly announced their resignations.


Three officers, a sergeant, and the Kimberling City Police Department chief of police cited several reasons for leaving their posts, including complaints about the pay rate and claims that they did not have the proper tools to do their job.

The town has a population of about 2,400 as per the 2010 census. The Stone County Police

Department will handle the calls so city officials can fill in places left by former officers.


     Sheriff Doug Rader told KY3 News, “Until then, we’ll answer
all calls in the City of Kimberling. We can’t enforce city laws,
but any other calls will be dealt with at this time.”

No Spirituality: Nine officers resigned from the emergency response team after protest Kimberling Police Chief Craig Alexander tendered his resignation on August 23 after

accepting a new job, telling the city’s mayor, Bob Fritz, that he wanted to change and improve himself. “I didn’t know there were many vacancies in Branson West because we

hadn’t seen an ad for the police,” Fritz said, referring to Alexander and Officer Sean McCafferty, who hold jobs at the Branson West Police Department.

Fritz described the resignations as “unexpected” and said salary and benefits concerns for new employees would be addressed in order to keep the city’s police force.

“We are looking for officers and we are looking for a new police chief and I think we will be

fine,” Fritz said, adding that officials are working hard to fill the vacant roles.


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