‘BH 90210’ recap: Welcome to the surreal world

90210,” “Reunion.” 

It’s hard to describe what, exactly, “BH 90210” is. It’s a new Fox TV show, for sure, a six-week summer fun-run of slightly trashy television set in sunny poolsides. It features (sort of) celebrities playing themselves, but it’s not reality TV. It’s a revival of 1990s teen classic “Beverly Hills, 90210,” but only in the show-within-the-show.

The conceit of the new series is that the original cast of the beloved high- school drama reunites 30 years later at a fan convention and then decides to mount a revival of the series to make money and help their careers. But we’re not seeing Kelly and Brendan, we’re seeing Jennie Garth and Jason Priestley discussing Kelly and Brandon. Except Garth and Priestley are playing fictional versions of themselves that they’ve invented for the show.

So that means Brian Austin Green isn’t with Megan Fox; he’s with a fictional pop star named Shay (La La Anthony). Jason is directing a fake superhero TV series. Gabrielle Carteris is the head of the “Actors Guild of America,” not the real Screen Actors Guild. And Shannen Doherty, well, they all kind of hate her.

…. The star of Beverly Hills 90210،،،،،

“characters” are. This Tori Spelling apparently has no money (and rents a house). This Shannen Doherty rescues tigers; this Jason Priestley cheats on his wife; and this Ian Ziering owns a workout empire. If you try to figure out how this all corresponds to the actors’ real lives, you’d drive yourself crazy. They’re mostly playing a random assortment of has-beens trying to reclaim former glory.

90210 trailer 2019 ،

Despite all the layers of fact, fiction and hammy performances, “BH” is no disaster. Especially for nostalgia-crazy fans (and there are plenty of them), Easter eggs, in-jokes and photos and clips from the original series will satisfy. If this is the closest thing we get to “90210” coming back (besides the surprisingly fun 2008-13 CW series), it’s, well, something. And hey, what else are you going to watch in August, anyway?

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