Add a Sales Funnel to Your Existing Website

Add a Sales Funnel to Your Existing Website

Hello, it’s Mike Grady from business fuel. I’m answering that question of the week. All right, therefore the question

we got is the way to add a sales funnel to your existing website?

Well, the short answer is click funnels.

So yes, you’ll add a sales funnel to your existing website otherwise you can actually turn a standard website into an enormous sales phone.


This works


a bit like hiring a trained salesperson to nurture leads and to convert them into sales 24


hours each day, seven days every week.. As an entrepreneur, you’ll never need to desire

you’re handcuffed by technical people ever again.

Yes, you did not need to believe tech people to urge your lead magnates and your offers live online. See within the

past I’ve had to rely on, I’m, you know, programmers and graphic designers just to line up a really basic sales funnel.

And typically it might take them two or three months to urge it to live.

Once I gave it to them

. Most times it wasn’t done precisely the way I wanted it, but I invented, I invested tons of your time and money.

Today I exploit a software my men are created called click funnels and that I can actually build out a funnel in about

10 minutes.

I get a thought, I create a suggestion, I create a funnel then I see if it works.

If it doesn’t work directly, then I can make quick changes then publish them. then wait and see if it starts to form


See this program was created for non-tech technical entrepreneurs like myself that are not programmers.

We don’t skill to be designers, so we will easily build pages inside. a sales funnel that are proven to convert.

Yes, you’ll stop paying tech guys in their ridiculous prices like I did.

It gives you the facility to show your ideas into reality then turn those offers into money.


And to try to that quickly, I create a video that walks you thru the core steps, which is that the lead magnet, the offer

page, the many thanks page, the sales page, and in fact the foremost critical part, which is that the followup phone, the video.

I will show you ways you’ll, as an entrepreneur, you’ll literally take the facility back from the tech guys.

I’ll put a link within the description below of the video then you’ll actually watch it later and you’ll learn from it.


So whether you’re on vacation or you’re at the office or you’re receiving, your funnel is going to be working for you

only sort of a full-time salesperson.

Also, my mentor, Russell Brunson, wrote an industry-changing book on the way to create a mass movement of


individuals who can pay for your advertising, buy your advice and your products.

So I’ll put a link to the outline below that. you’ll make sure out for yourself.

So hopefully this answer helps on if you’ll actually put a sales funnel into your website or actually just make your

website into a sales funnel in order that you’ll have people coming and getting your message and finding out your

products and buying your products 24 hours each day.

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